Career Opportunities

Our people and our reputation are our key assets. We will provide rich opportunities and interesting challenges, but we will also require the best from you.

PrimeStreet's competitive advantage is our people. Each team member is given responsibility and accountability from the start. We teach and train our junior members – and whether they move on to other professions, business schools or (hopefully) continue with us – they will have had a strong, well rounded foundation upon which to build their careers.

We are keen on finding candidates with strong intellectual curiosity, good analytical and communication skills, enthusiasm and creativity. The ability to function well as a team member and the willingness to take initiative are also key characteristics we look for. Our work is often fast-paced and intense – we expect no less from our team members.

Truly exceptional members are also considered for our scholarship to continue their studies.

Application for strategic consulting, financial advisory, and investment banking positions are accepted at the moment. Please state your desired position and attach your cover letter and CV through